RankingSlash Version 2.35 Released!

We are proud to release version 2.35.  This includes a few bug fixes due to position disambiguation.  There were a few specific bugs pointed out to us in the Dynasty League Football rankings where positions differed from MyFantasyLeague.com positions.  For example, DLF uses a nose tackle designation for a few players.  They also have differing opinions of players like Sheldon Richardson (DT vs DE) and Julius Peppers (OLB vs DE).  These have been taken into consideration with this new release.

This is now available for download.  

RankingSlash 2.32 released!

I’m very happy to announce the release of RankingSlash version 2.32.  This update includes bug fixes of players who weren’t slashing 100% on all websites including Odell Beckham Jr., Haha Clinton-Dix, LeVeon Bell, D’Qwell Jackson, and Jay (Jeremiah) Ratliff.

This update also includes a very easy way for anyone to send us feedback about the app.  There’s now a textbox and submit button right on the form that will allow you to send us instant feedback about the application.

I hope you enjoy this version!

RankingSlash 2.2 released

RankingSlash 2.2 has been released!

The big addition to 2.2 is the addition of FFToday Rankings in the application.  FFToday.com is a fantasy site I have been using for a number of years.  Make sure you check out their blog as well.  There are some great posts and insights on there every few days.

We fixed a few bugs, added a few speed enhancements, and allowed the ability to Clear slashed rankings!


RankingSlash Version 2 is now available from the Chrome Store

The new version of the Ranking Slash Chrome extension has launched and is now available for download.

Besides getting it set up to work with DynastyLeagueFootball – it now also fixes the bugs associated with Robert Griffin III’s rankings and Odell Beckham Junior’s rankings.

The plugin now also automatically finds your 2014 leagues and allows you to select them individually instead of forcing you to type in your league id manually.

I’m very excited about this release.  Not only did I build this, but I use it for all of my fantasy leagues every single week.

RankingSlash Version Two Released (very silently)

After a long, long time of hard work, we are happy to announce the version two release of  the Rankingslash Chrome extension.  We are releasing this without any major announcements, but I wanted to tell someone.  We will be error checking this over the next few days.

We are always trying to make this better.  Please leave suggestions in the comments.

Future enhancements include adding more fantasy football league hosts and adding more fantasy football ranking websites.


We are trying to make fantasy football easier.

We are finally starting a website to promote our chrome extension, rankingslash.

It has been updated for the 2014 season and it currently works for ranking pages on footballguys.com and dynastyleaguefootball.com.  We are going to be updating the chrome extension to work better, faster, have more features, and to work on more rankings websites in the future.  We are also going to be working on building new tools to help make fantasy football easier for you this season.

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